This is the page for a shipping between Fluffle Puff and Queen Chrysalis. If one does not believe in this, or does not want to see anything in such manner, please leave this page now.

Relationship Edit

It is stated in multiple episodes that it is possible that Fluffle and Chryssi might be dating or in some kind of relationship of the sort. This is proven in multiple Fluffle Puff shorts. In the short, "Master of Pillows", Fluffle and Chryssi went into a large pillow fort created by Fluffle Puff. Fluffle Puff then follows with that, closing the door and shortly after that, the two can be heard laughing. Most people assume they are having sex inside the pillow fort. This sort of thing is taken further in "All Boxed Up", in which when Twilight Sparkle attempts to get into the house, she is interrupted by hearing Fluffle and Chryssi laughing under a box and leaves the house. Later on, in "Nightmare Night 2", after Fluffle Puff's sister is taken out of the stone, she engraves something in symbols on the wall. Fluffle Puff translates this, holding up a sign saying, "She says you're really pretty and is proud of me". Kissy kissy kiss kiss!