Chrysalis meets Fluffle Puff's sister for the first time.

Flufflepuff's sister, also known as 'Marksaline the Necromorph Queen' is introduced in the episode "Nightmare Night 2", the Halloween episode for 2014.

What she looks like, her whereabouts and relationship with Fluffle Puff.                                     Edit

She is different from most changelings, like Chrysalis, as she has pointy ears that lean backwards, a horn which is separated in two parts entwined together to make a red marker shape and wings which are much bigger and more spiked than the average pegasus or alicorn. Her cutie mark is a shadowed red marker with a red glow behind. The mane and tail look shaggy and they are much taller than other ponies. She and Fluffle seem very close indicating by Fluffle's picture of them together. She can make messages with her horn of a unknown language which Fluffle Puff then translates into English. She first appears when Chrysalis hears a noise from a cupboard. Chrysalis opens it and inside there is a red marker which then turns into a alicorn. All together Fluffle Puff's sister and Fluffle Puff herself seem to represent the balance of good between evil. Edit

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Trivia Edit

- Fluffle Puff's sister previously was a scary red crystal which gave powers to fluffle puff transform into Fluffle Moon.

- Her horn actually happens to resemble that same crystal.

- The crystal, and Marksaline herself, are based off of the “Red Markers” from the Dead Space video games.

- Her name, given by Fluffle Puff, is a play on 'Marceline the Vampire Queen' from Adventure Time, which is also Fluffle Puff's favourite show.

- She refers to herself as 'we' rather than 'I'.