Derpy is a grey peguses. She is usually shown doing very stupid things such as throwing cupcakes at ponies. Derpy's signature reconization is her two, derpy eyes. In one episode of Dan, Dan tries to fix Derpy's eyesight by taping on two pictures of eyes.

Derpy the Peguses


  • Derpy's full name is Derpy Hooves
  • Derpy's cutiemark is a group of bubbles, this may be from the fact she owns lots of bubble mixture
  • Derpy is usually seen relaxing out and having fun, but she has a job as a delivery pony
  • Two other names for this pony were Ditzy Doo and Muffins
  • Her favorite food is muffins
  • A strange coincidence is that Derpy's mane and tail is similar to Rainbow Dash's